abolish ¾ length sleeves and capri pants imo, that is such a bad length for clothing to be

Stay away from my perfect sleeves.

¾ sleeves are best sleeves

¾ sleeves are worst sleeves. ¾ are a nightmare made flesh. ¾ sleeves are a curse upon the world, a darkness that will not subside, an abomination unto fashion. ¾ sleeves must be destroyed

We will fight at dawn.

no. dawn is a terrible time. dawn is desolate and freezing, no warmth nor sun to light the way. dawn is early, before the night has truly ended, before right-thinking people have arisen. dawn is suffering. one should not be awake at dawn. we will fight at high noon, when the sun is at its apex and its light has filled the sky. come alone, and bring no weapons. we shall settle this with our bare hands, and when i have won and you have been thoroughly defeated, you shall acknowledge the truth of what i say: ¾ sleeves are awful, and ought not to exist. so it has always been and so it shall always be. this is the truth of the world, this is the light and the way.

Dawn is when the dust clears and the air is clean.  Dawn brings clarity and sharp edges, and purifies the few who stand beneath it.  Dawn is its own weapon, its own defense, a barrier to weakness and fortification for the strong.  
I will come at noon, but I will bring the razor’s edge of dawn.  

dawn is hell, if hell were cold. dawn is the bleak darkness of the void, the despair that consumes. dawn is the temporal equivalent of ¾ sleeves–and is therefore entirely appropriate for you, you heathen, you philistine, you lover of the worst that fashion has to offer.

we are agreed then; noon it is. i anticipate our meeting with great glee.

you hate the sunrise. how could you. sunrises are important. when else would we carry out our tr00 kvlt rites, if not at sunrise, the most tr00 und kvlt time of the day

A thing I have done:

Woken up at 3 in the night because then I’d have enough time to walk all the way to the coast and see the sun rise above the ocean.

I had blisters and my legs were fucking killing me.

Worth it.

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