My pet peeve: Neo-Nazis who try to use “goyim” as an adjective.

It’s “goyishe”! We’re using feminism and multiculturalism to destroy goyishe culture! Get it right, you shliemels.

TBH I don’t think a basic comprehension of Yiddish is very high on the priorities of neo-nazis.

I mean, considering the apparent extent of their capabilities for basic comprehension they would be very rational to ration their usage and spend the scarcity on more pressing concerns than Yiddish grammar.

(Bvt as a ridicvlovs evropean polyglot I am bothered by how they don’t even realize that it’s a germanic strvctvre present in basically all the langvages they consider to be spoken by the right sorts of people. I mean, they speak engl-ish yet don’t realize this? They are being shitty germanics, that’s what they are. I know my germanics way better than they do, and I’m not even germanic. I’m a total mongoloid vntermensch from behind-slavs-land who hasn’t even screwed a germanic ever (now that I think of it I totally need to cvck their race; if I apply racism to a map of variovs attractednesses it prodvces a nice graph of kind-of-everything-bvt-germanics and that’s fvnny). No wonder the germanic white race is dying ovt when its heroes are of svch great scholarship and mvch intellectval formidability!)

On the Strvctvre and Interpretation of socialjvsticemvnchkin()

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