Here is a survey about queers in STEM which I feel is probably relevant to the interests of half my followers

(Note: cishets also supposed to take the survey! be a control group! for science!)


Gave up halfway. Tons of questions where my answer is n/a, but they force you to answer to proceed.

Like, I guess no one enters a STEM job without any degree. So what do I put, since I don’t exist or something?

Evidently they’ve never imagined a software engineer who doesn’t write grants or publish research, but who instead writes software. Like seriously, what rock do they live under?

Do they even try these surveys on anyone who isn’t exactly like them?

Garbage in/garbage out.

If you know who these researchers are, trust nothing they conclude. They cannot design a survey for shit.

What annoys me is these jerks will probably publish their erase-people-like-veronica non-data. Which, as an actual fan of data, this offends me.

Yeah it was pretty terrible.

I picked the bottom slider, wrote “Industry work” in the text field and slid it alllllll the way to the right. Grants? What grants? I’m a productive member of society, my clients pay me to work. I have a sales department to ask them for money.

The “Biological gender” field was also something special. “Determined on the basis of child bearing capability, genitalia, chromosomes and/or hormones.”

OK, brilliant, what if I have Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome? Then I check (no, male)/(vulva, female)/(XY, male)/(estrogen, female) on that list.

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