I don’t think urinals somehow make gender-segregated bathrooms a good idea? My college dorm had gender-neutral bathrooms. They had urinals. Those who couldn’t use them, didn’t. I’m really not seeing what the problem is supposed to be.






Some women don’t want to be in a room with the uncovered dicks of strangers. (I know there are Social Norms about not looking, but some women are still not comfortable with it.) This is pretty easy to accommodate in a women’s restroom (because it’s all stalls) and much harder to accommodate in a gender-neutral restroom with urinals.

It’s so weird to me that urinals don’t have stalls. At least put some kind of divider between them ffs. 

The whole point of urinals is they save space, putting them into individual stalls defeats said point. People who are uncomfortable with urinals as it is would be uncomfortable with dividers as well.

I thought it was for plumbing reasons? 

Urinals really don’t take up that much more space. They’re also there to keep lines moving faster, for the same reason we have separate express sheckout lanes at the grocery store.



common around here is to put the urinals separately so you get to the stalls, then a barrier, then the urinals. That way, nobody needs to see them or go near if they need the stalls.

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