If you drop something on the floor, it’s your fault that things hit the ground. Everyone knows that things fall when you drop them. And when you do something that everyone knows will lead to something else, that something else is your fault.

Anyone could have told the progressive elite that importing a violent, unassimilable underclass and letting them rape thousands of young native girls in the name of ‘anti-racism’ would cause a backlash against decent immigrants.

Why does the progressive elite hate decent immigrants?

This is because gravity is not a moral agent!

I get the feeling of combined Heroic Responsibility and Intellectual Superiority, the feeling where the actions of other people are my fault because I alone am smart enough to be a moral agent but in the real world, when somebody does something terrible, it is not actually my fault, responsibility does not work that way, politicians do not think that way, and their votes do not fall that way.

If a man is being a shitheel, that is on him.

Now you may wish to hold your politicians to higher standards – that is admirable, because the standard they are commonly held to is too low – but come the fuck on man.

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