“giant superstates are inherently immoral” is like the most random fucking moral principle ever like wtf did this come from a religious text I don’t know about or something

im like cracking up over this like yes i understand that person was just resorting to cliches but this is still just so funny. 

like you got the phrase “inherently immoral” which is usually used for stuff thats like intuitive and basic like killing an innocent person. and then you got this concept of “giant superstates” which is like something that necessarily exists at a high level of abstraction and you need lots of society and stuff for that and the contrast is just like actually fucking hilarious to me

The other meaning of “inherent.”

(I mean, obviously I don’t actually know because I didn’t read whatever you’re reacting to but I’ll pretend I know and argue from that):

Inherent has two meanings. You may still disagree once you consider the other meaning, but you should at least consider it before disagreeing.

  1. : “It is obvious that superstates are immoral,”
  2. : “Superstates are always immoral.”

Compare with murder –

  1. It is obvious that killing people is immoral
  2. Killing people is always immoral

These two do not mean the same thing – the first one is kind of arguable – what if it is in self defense? Euthanasia? Capital punishment? Even if you disagree with all three, you should at least know that there are humans – reasonable, intelligent humans, who disagree with you, and thinks that some of these are allowed. The Catholic Church believes in a Culture of Life – taking a life is always bad. Always. They’re against capital punishment and abortions, because during the history of humanity, 100% of killings have been immoral.

“Superstates are always immoral” is the second kind of claim, it is essentially the same as saying “During the history of humanity, 100% of super states have been immoral” and it is a factual, rather than a normative claim – you cannot point to a superstate that wasn’t immoral, and the arguer believes that, in a thousand years, there will still not be a counter example because there is some trait about superstates that causes them to be immoral.

(And that trait is Public Choice Theory, 4:20 blaze anarchy, hang all rent seekers)

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