You are really deceiving people. You cannot be truly be a Christian if your actively engaging in a homosexual lifestyle.





I can and I am. My identity is in Christ. God bless

I agree with your anon.  You are deceiving people.  Christ sacrificed his flesh unto death for you.

You can’t even sacrifice orgasms for him.

It show’s what is the god in your life.


If you’re gay and religious, there’s either a problem with your religion (false and uninformed) or a problem with your being gay (if the religion is true). Pick a side, it can’t be both. If you tolerate homosexuality in others or yourself, you’re literally living against the word of so-called god. That’s one messed up god. “God” made it very clear what side he’s on, and he wants you dead – as a consequence for your death-worthy sin.

Here’s a fun caveat, though; all are born in sin and all are worthy of death. There’s nothing particularly special about homosexuality, except for what people make of it. No one ever pisses themselves when they come across gluttony or greed, or someone that’s alive (in sin), for that matter.

  • Most religions have lots of sects, some of which state that homosexuality is acceptable and others which don’t
  • Even if stricter forms of Orthodox Judaism say gay guys can’t have sex, I really haven’t found the bit saying I’m not allowed to be in love with Alison, or even to kiss her.
  • I’m pretty sure there are some religions that don’t ban homosexuality even in their stricter forms? IDK, though.
  • I’m a religious atheist. I attend synagogue a lot and wear a chai necklace and so on, but I don’t think a really powerful and really good being personally created the universe and keeps track of everything.
  • [moral realism cw] Nobody’s really worthy of death? Sometimes it may make sense as a deterrent or that sort of thing, but in an ideal world nobody would have to die.

A question to people upthread:

If I believe Jesus is the Son of God, and man can enter Heaven through his grace alone, am I a Christian?

If I believe Jesus is the Son of God, man can enter Heaven through his grace alone, and I have stolen a pen at work, am I a Christian?

If I believe Jesus is the Son of God, man can enter Heaven through his grace alone, and I have killed a man in anger, am I a Christian?

In case you have not noticed the pattern already: You are, none of you, free from sin. This idea you have that there is one specific sin – so little it is not even mentioned in the 10 commandments – that will not just keep a man out of heaven but will make the man forget that Jesus is the Son of God – is disturbed thinking.

The two sentences “They are Christians” and “they are good people” are not the same sentences, and they do not mean the same things. And the sentences “they are Christians” and “they are free from sin” are almost opposite – nobody who believes the Grace of God is necessary for salvation from sin can also believe they are free from sin.

For further reading, I refer you to Luke 7, 36-50.

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