Fun By The Sea 2016*

These are the final minutes of my time here in Turku – I am downloading the podcast I’ll be listening to as I drive back to Helsinki – and I just want to put a few words into text before I forget them

The overall trip went great – I met @socialjusticemunchkin who shall henceforth be my #1 goto guide in Finland, and together we visited some of the sights of TuFun By The Sea 2016rku which, it turns out, is a great city. Unfortunately, the very first thing I suggested doing was a walking trip through the town and oh look, my shoes were not nearly as good for walking as I remembered so blisters, blisters everywhere. This put a slight damper on the rest of the trip but not so much as to ruin it. I write as I sit here, nursing my feet.

But Promethea put up with my foot-related complaints and we visited the botanical gardens right outside of town, then today an…. alternative? cafe and after that the Aboa Vetus & Ars Novu museum where I shot the previous picture – an interesting place, built on top of an archeological dig into old TurkFun By The Sea 2016u and contrasting it with an exhibition of modern art – some of which I did not particularly enjoy, other pieces of which were excellent.

Also in between that, meals and talking. And now I know what Promethea is like when not interacting through text so that’s new.

All in all A++ experience**, can recommend to others that you try visiting tumblr friends when you have time.


**Well the actual trip was terrible, I got stuck in 1½ hours of completely unprecedented traffic on a bridge that is normally free. I ended up hitting the airport – not the gate, the airport – three minutes before boarding started so that was nice. I am not looking forward to seeing what the final cost of parking has been, what with my car being stuck for 3 days in an airport “priced for short term parking” spot :O

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