Mistakes were made


My plane back home starts boarding at 7 in the morning.

So you could:

Trip from my hotel to the airport – 1½ hours; add another for 2½ just to be sure and I have to get up at 4:30


Just leave the hotel early, drive during the late night, then sleep in the rented car on location and wake up at like 6:30

ONE OF THESE was picked.

It was the wrong one.

I have gotten zero sleep, who designs these cars? According to my clock I could have another 2 hours of trying to fall asleep in the car which is just not happening so instead, I’m in an airport café, where they’ll sell me an espresso. In half an hour when they officially open.



The best part will be the 2 hour drive home after my flight has landed – my short, 1½ hour flight during which I also cannot get enough sleep. Especially if I end up in another 1½ hour traffic jam like I did on the way over here.

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