@nostalgebraist I enjoyed your wonderful little digression.

I identify a yearning for hygge in hipster nostalgia and in the whole neoteny thing.

I also see it a lot in cartoons popular with older people, like Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Avatar. 

(In the last, Uncle Iroh in particular is all about it. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but there’s a whole arc where he tries to get his nephew to abandon his ideas of destiny and honor, as well as his claim to the throne, to help him run a tea shop instead.)

In a odd coincidence, Esther and I just started watching Avatar, and so far (all of 3 episodes in) we both love Uncle Iroh and his tea fixation

The impression I got from my Youtube binge last night – admittedly not an, uh, conclusive investigation of the subject – was that Danish young people do strongly associate associate hygge with hipster culture (the cheerful “vintage shops and indie pop” side of hipster culture, not the “obscure bands and cryptic irony” side).  Except that that sort of hipster culture is completely mainstream there, a part of the national ethos.

(Imagine living in small country where Portland, OR was the capital city and 10% of the population lived there.  I mean, like, Copenhagen has five times as many bikes as cars and contains a giant 850-person hippie commune with a big open-air weed bazaar)

I think probably every danish city has five times as many bikes as cars.

Also hygge is not hipster. You cannot divorce hipster from the accompanying detached irony, from the built-in appreciation of doing things for other reasons than “this is what I wanted,” e.g. buying a scarf because you like it and Scandinavia is cold is different from buying a scarf because you want to be the kind of person who buys a scarf.

Hipster has, accidentally, acquired some of the cultural markers of hygge. These are parallel evolutions, or hipster stole from hygge, because the hygge of today is the hygge of twenty years ago is the hygge of forty years ago.

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