jbeshir said: Not disagreeing or anything, but do you have any specific ideas about how to compensate people who lose their jobs to international competition? I’ve always thought of it as one of those “hard problems”.

money! giving people redundancy packages is a good start, and some sufficiently well-connected industries actually get that.

but there is also the self-esteem and status that comes from being considered a valuable worker, which is lost when your job is outsourced to someone in Bangladesh who costs half as much. that is more difficult to compensate for, especially given the decline in just about all measures of social engagement.

This also depends a lot on what you value. E.g. I have friends over for D&D on a weekly basis and I enjoy being a good host to them, and a good DM.

If I had more time, I could probably be a better host and a better DM if not for all the stress that comes with, you know, not having money and/or trying to jump through welfare hoops, which can be an entire job on its own.

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