#wondering what is going on there…

Wonder no more: That is an End of the World drill. If this had been real, at the end of each ray would be a flash brighter than the sun. Phoebus Apollo who is the Sun brings with his arrows death and upon the survivors an invisible plague:

So he prayed, and Phoebus Apollo heard him. Down he came, in fury, from the heights of Olympus, with his bow and inlaid quiver at his back. The arrows rattled at his shoulder as the god descended like the night, in anger. He set down by the ships, and fired a shaft, with a fearful twang of his silver bow. First he attacked the mules, and the swift hounds, then loosed his vicious darts at the men; so the dense pyres for the dead burned endlessly.

They’re nukes. Specifically, they’re MIRV warheads, although obviously training shot because I think we’d have heard if the world ended.

The concept is as simple as it is ruthless: The center of a nuke is destroyed. The center of a “small” nuke is also destroyed, because nuke. So instead of one big nuke, a missile carrying Multiple Independently targetable Re-Entry Vehicles can destroy the world more efficiently, even if each explosion is smaller.

The beam of light is the path of fire that surrounds the warhead as it screams through the air at the blistering speed of eight kilometers per second, or 24 times the speed of sound.

Happy pre-emptive Stanislav Petrov day.

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