this is by far the worst set of words i’ve ever seen

i genuinely don’t understand why internet fascists are so preoccupied with the whole cuck thing, because talking like this is a million times more humiliating than being cheated on.

it’s handy though because it confirms all sorts of wild intersectional stuff that too many people dismiss as academic psychobabble

like you don’t have to break down the nexus between sexual insecurity and reactionary politics or the interchangeable metaphors of sexual conquest and actual colonialism because these dudes are literally laying it right out on the table for you, just straight up saying “I actively associate my diminishing political privilege with my sexual humiliation”

in fairness I don’t think that’s what it means at all.

the accusation of cuck is used to imply that the target is not just failing to conform to traditional masculine roles, but that they are okay with that failure.

eg. the classic use of a cuckolded man is a man whose wife sleeps with another, perhaps without his knowledge. but the modern use of cuck is a man whose wife sleeps with another and he knows that but convinces himself he doesn’t mind.

hence when used by reactionaries the target has to be someone who espouses more progressive values; by doing so they are explicitly undermining traditional masculinity and consider it a good thing, while the conservatives consider it to be a bad thing, hence making it a slur.

in this case both sides more or less agree on the facts, they just disagree on the implications of those facts.

honestly that’s a lot of discourse attached to the fact that the “cuck” thing is just 4chan running out of insults again

also, i guess, a combination of the whole “we must protect white women from tainting their genes” thing and the political ideology concisely summarized as “pweas no steppy”

no no it really is a surprisingly coherent slur, that’s what makes it so effective!

it is literally the male equivalent of “slut”, something that is nominally used to accuse a woman of promiscuity, but in practice can be used to shame women for transgressing traditional gender norms in any aspect, even if they are virgins or indeed lesbian virgins or what have you.

similarly to slut walks and reclaiming the slut slur there have been rumblings of progressive men trying to reclaim the cuck slur, although so far that’s a much harder sell, if only because the literal reading of slut ain’t so bad (they like sex!) whereas the literal reading of cuck is less widely appealing.

it’s even simpler than that dude

it’s 4chan saying “We really, really like things that make people upset. We have a magic invocation that can make women instantly upset, and we have a magic invocation that can make black or Arab men instantly upset. But we want something that can instantly make non-black or Arab men upset too! What word could accomplish that goal for us?”

there is already such a word and the word is fag; cuck is more specific, as you can see by observing actual usage on any given day.

Fag? Getting people upset on 4chan? Mate, argumate even, have you been on 4chan? Ever?

You’re not trying to goad the normies you’re trying to goad your fellow anons.

Today both “cuck” and “:^)” have become fairly common and less offensive to the sensibilities of Anon, but there was a period where the absolutely most infuriating you could be was:


In conclusion, MLP is the worst


>Caring about MLP

Are you a cuck?


Get the fuck out



Get the fuck out

cuck :^)

and that was it. That was all it took, thread immediately derailed forever. “Fag” could never do that, on 4chan you call yourself fag or you don’t fit in.

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