And look, I’m not someone to play Oppression Olympics. But there seriously is a massive difference between bipolar disorder/schizophrenia/psychotic disorders and neurodivergencies, and other people need to respect that. I’m tired of people with psychotic disorders being left out of the conversation, and being ignored.

When bills that are meant to protect us are being dissected and lobbied against by fucking autistic advocacy organizations like it’s even for them, and they’re saying bullshit like the bill is for people with developmental disorders when it’s fucking not, that’s when I get mad and need to talk about my own experiences.

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I don’t get how this person can talk about how horrible and terrifying psychosis is, and then lists selective abortions of babies likely to be psychotic as another injustice inflicted upon them instead of “something that is a very good idea given the experience of psychosis you just listed”.

I mean, I can get it, but it requires an uncharitable “political ideology as procedural compression” analogy that says the writer doesn’t care about hypocrisy because he or she is creating political beliefs the moment they are needed and discarding them immediately after. I notice this is far from the only person or field where this hypocrisy happens; most people appear to believe that abortion is actually murder but only count it as the “bad kind of murder” when it applies to an identity classification they share. 

But I’d like there to be an explanation that the speakers themselves would agree to.

If you get it, why are you asking me to explain? The two beliefs – psychosis is horrible, but people like me still deserve to exist – aren’t incompatible. People like me still deserve to exist. We deserve to have treatment. We deserve the right to live happy lives. We are people both with and beyond our psychosis. Our psychosis defines us, but it’s not all of us.

No, abortion isn’t murder on an individual level. But it counts as genocide when an entire group of people is being targeted for extermination because they happen to have to a certain gene that marks them out as having the potential to develop a mental illness, or a handicap, or whatever. I’m also against the selective abortion of Down Syndrome children, and autistic children, and a number of other viable, non-catastrophic disorders. Just because someone has a treatable, controllable illness doesn’t mean that they can’t live a rich and fulfilling life with treatment.

Guess what. Political ideology can be, and often is, procedural compression, because it normalizes the dehumanization of groups of people. I’m not “creating political beliefs the moment they are needed and discarding them immediately after.” Psychosis is horrible. But people like me deserve to exist. That’s why I support things like the Murphy Bill, which affords access to treatment. I support the access to abortion, but I don’t support literal genocide, I honestly I don’t support gene testing for things like autism and schizophrenia, “designer babies,” because it foments ableism.

If I thought psychosis was unlivable, if I thought it was so horrible that it should be eradicated, I would have wiped myself off the face of the earth, and encouraged everyone else with psychosis to do so too. Instead, I’m demanding better access to treatment and care, and, in the Murphy Bill, better access to treatment for children, so their pyschosis doesn’t progress as far as mine has.

First off: “access” is a fucking poor word choice when the treatment in question is not consensual. That is what people are opposing. If you, personally, need treatment, I want you to be able to have it. But not at the cost of my right to refuse treatment, or anyone else’s. Or at the cost of my or anyone else’s right to privacy. There’s a hypothetical bill out there that grants treatment to those who want it and only to those people, but this ain’t it.

Second: I have been depressed for most of my life. My ability to treat said depression is limited. As a consquence, I contemplate suicide just about every single day of my life. I wish I had never been born, or at the very least that someone had had both the ability and the willingness to prevent me from being born without depression. If that’s genocide then I fully and wholeheartedly support genocide. No child should ever be condemned to the kind of life I live. Every birth is inherently nonconsensual, especially in a society that locks people up at the mere suggestion of suicide AND THEN MAKES THEM PAY FOR THEIR OWN IMPRISONMENT. So long as this bill is complicit in nonconsensual treatment, this bill is about me.

I’m glad that you feel that your own life is liveable. Many of us, including those of us with ~non-catostrophic~ (seriously what the fuck) mental illnesses, do not. Many of us are, in fact, denied jobs for being depressed. I have no idea how you managed to exist on this website without becoming aware of this fact, but it’s true. I do, in fact, refrain from posting about my mental illness on social media with my name attached to it out of the fear that an employer might read it.

I really have no idea how you can be so confident in your perceptions of how other people’s mental illnesses and neurodivergences affect them.

I do, in fact, refrain from posting about my mental illness on social media with my name attached to it out of the fear that an employer might read it.

Jesus yes this. I barely post about it under this pseudonym because stigma.

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