I should be able to set my devices to a general decibel preference rather than an arbitrary volume level, so my headphones don’t blow out my ears when I switch from YouTube to music.

It would also be nice to be given a decibel reading in the first place so I can communicate how much is too much across platforms.

That would make headphones more expensive and prone to breaking.

I KNOW RIGHT how is life this unfair?

Your device cannot actually know how many dB of sound it is generating. That’s not a decision your device makes. Your device sends an audio signal of some certain strength to your speaker, and then the properties of your speaker, combined with the strength of the signal, combine to generate the sound level.

So in order to set the sound level directly on your device, it has to communicate with your speakers/headphones/whatever to learn how much they amplify/attenuate the signal. This means your speakers now need to have a chip in them they didn’t need before, one more component that must be paid for, one more component that can fail.

You can do some clever things with active detection – run a signal out and see what happens – but consider e.g. in-the-ear versus cup-over-the-ear headphones – if all the wiring is the same and the signal is the same, the device will think they’re making the same amount of sound which will not be the case.

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