now you could say that DeCSS was a protected exercise in reverse engineering, but it involved taking information belonging to others (the decryption keys) and sharing it in ways that broke the terms of the license.

(if you think that it didn’t break the terms of the license, or that the license doesn’t apply in this case, then we’re just debating exactly which numbers should be illegal and which shouldn’t).

later people broken the encryption without using those keys, and distributing these later programs is entirely legitimate (in my opinion) as they really could be developed via a clean room implementation that doesn’t involve accessing any of the copyright protected information at all.

Do you agree to any licensing deal when purchasing a DVD player? I know for sure that I disregard any EULA that I am not presented with before money has changed hands.

Do you agree to a licensing deal when you purchase a book?

No, but “Copyright law” and “publisher-issued EULA” are not the same.

I follow copyright law – I pay for my games and my operating system and I pay for my other software or use FOSS-licensed software. I don’t copy books and I don’t copy non-FOSS software.

But if books came with an insert behind the front page that said oh by the way, 

Reading this book means you agree to a license that binds it to you, you cannot give this book away or resell it

then I would also disregard that license – I am reading the book and it turns out that reading it does not mean I agree to being bound to that license. I don’t know why they decided to print that lie but oh well, I guess they were hoping I wouldn’t see through that lie.

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