the thing about the illegal number discussion is that it’s mostly programmers saying hah stupid judge thinks you can copyright numbers! when their own livelihoods typically depend on that very concept.

Hah jokes on you we deliver SaaS and make our money off consulting fees and feature requests.

living the dream. maybe one of your employees will just walk out the door with a copy of your source repository; it’s just a big number, after all 🙂

Joke’s on you again no single employee could ever use this italian pasta dish we call a code base for anything useful.

Now if all the programmers and consultants and sales people left together with source code and client lists, then we’d have an issue.

If all your employees leave, and start a new company selling the same software to the same clients, then we need to have a Ship of Theseus discussion about what exactly constitutes a “company”

In this context, it would mean “the company owners and investors, who paid my salary while I helped develop that code, are not getting a return on their investment.” The Ship of Theseus kind of hinges on the fact that Theseus still owns the ship in the harbor even if every part has been replaced.

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