it’s also worth remembering that we already have patronage and funding methods, so anyone who wants to opt out of the copyright system for their own work can already do so.

if copyright reduces innovation, you would expect the subset of creators who opt out of copyright to out-innovate the ones who don’t.

Who says they don’t? Lots of creators of media I like release it for free on the internet under copyleft licenses (sometimes because they don’t have a way of effectively monetizing it even if they do take advantage of copyright). And most big expensive hollywood movies suck, right?

I’m getting mixed reactions: copyright hinders innovation, copyright doesn’t affect innovation, copyright enables innovation; given the difficulty of evaluating all these counterfactuals it’s sort of hard to judge.

Tumblr is the worst platform for group discussion.

However, the Received Wisdom from Scott Alexander which we mustn’t question is that All Debates are Bravery Debates and Also Sprach Rightful Caliph Yudkowsky: “I believe that induction will work on the next occasion, because it’s usually worked before” and so I must conclude that this debate is a Bravery Debate.

What I’m getting at is that (1) I am a prat but also (2) IP Law hinders innovation and IP Law spurs innovation – it spurs the innovation of those who could not maintain a reasonable ROI without IP Law but can with, and it spurs the innovation of those who must get creative in the face of a government ban on the thing they wanted to do.

IP Law hinders the innovation of those who grow fat on profits secure from their hungry-but-hobbled competitors and it hinders the innovation of those who would stand on your giant shoulders but are legally barred from doing so.

In conclusion: Life is hard, there is no easy way out. Is IP Law over all a good or a bad? I think it is a bad but this is really hard to measure and my opinions on this are not based on a consequentialist analysis of the societal impact but on a completely selfish analysis of what system I would prefer to live under, mainly because I think it is more elegant.

Also CHROME you broken piece of FOSS, “Consequentialist” is a word stop underlining it.

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