it’s also worth remembering that we already have patronage and funding methods, so anyone who wants to opt out of the copyright system for their own work can already do so.

if copyright reduces innovation, you would expect the subset of creators who opt out of copyright to out-innovate the ones who don’t.

I cannot opt out of copyright and then publish my Mickey Mouse fan comic, so I cannot out-innovate Disney in the Mickey Mouse comic space.

It’s not that “you aren’t allowed to copy my work” prevents me from innovating (indeed, the profit motive helps which is why IP law is a thing in the first place), it is that it prevents you from innovating.

You could license Mickey Mouse from Disney. If they charge more than you can afford to pay, it’s an indication that you may not be able to add that much value.

I wanted to say “That’s not how value works” but thinking it over, I’m not sure. Confound your illustrative example.

Watch this space for either a cutting rebuttal laced with owl puns or complete silence as I attempt to drop the subject.

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