@shieldfoss that was a derail, though argumate’s reply wasn’t much better.

are you missing the fact that in giving that money to disney, they have taken the vast majority of your revenue? rent. seeking. they did not create that value, you did. you are not giving any reason why disney should be entitled to that money.

and you are also ignoring that because of this, disney now has creative control. that is not a good thing. it is a measure of authority that they can use to pressure the market. you are missing so many things in your summation of costs and benefits.

there is a lot more in that response i could reply to, but i don’t want to, at least for now.

I feel like “don’t destroy $x in value unless you can create at least $x+1 in value” should be self-explanatory.

It’s the tragedy of the commons innit? The Disney Brand has value. Creating Disney-branded items can add to that value or destroy some of it. If I find a way to destroy that value through a process that transfers money to me, that’s a clear moral hazard. The fact that Disney owns the brand, rather than the public, is almost completely irrelevant to the issue.

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