I’m not sure if anyone has pointed this out but Reaper’s mask isn’t suppose to be a skull. It’s a barn owl.

Reaper is Afro-Lantinx and I’m sure since he was from L.A. he probably grew up with Mexican folklore. And as someone who grew up with those stories and superstitions I can only assume that Reaper adopted a barn owl looking mask to represent death.

The barn owl is an omen of death in a lot of Mexican folklore and superstitions.  There’s also La Lechuza which is a witch that takes the form of a black cat or barn owl and stalks it’s victim until their death arrives.

Like I’m so freaking happy. Like Gabriel Reyes grew up with the stories and superstitions of his culture and when he died and took on the personification of death it wasn’t a skull that came  to mind for him. It was the owl.

Even in wraith form he looks like an owl flying.

My life is perfect. The over dramatic latino man has come full circle for me. I love it.


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