You know, I appreciate a sincere effort at inclusion, I really do, but dear gods is there anything more painfully awkward than a twentysomething male novelist attempting to write first-person narration from the viewpoint of a teenage girl?

probably a teenage girl attempting to write first-person narration from the viewpoint of a male novelist

Las time I was in a thread like this, the bad thing was an older white male novelist writing an older white male protagonist. because, apparently, there is too much coleslaw at the party.

If all y’all could get together and agree on whether male novelists are allowed to write at all that would be swell.

We just need to abolish “write what you know” because e.g. Iain M. Banks was obviously not a Culture Citizen, and Frank Hebert wasn’t a Messiah.

Male novelists can write whatever the fuck they want, but we are not obligated to read it. Nor are we obligated to deride artists for pursuing their passion.

Hell, I’m a “male” “novelist” writing about a teenage girl (who happens to have superpowers and goes on to become a brutal warlord.) I’m also writing about a barely teenage girl (hanging out with her magical space boyfriend and fighting monsters.)

Well yes the real answer is to realize that ~t h e – d i s c o u r s e~ doesn’t actually matter and just write whatever you want, except insofar as the discourse affects what people want to read so if “whatever you want” includes “being read,” then pay some, slight, amount of attention.

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