Do you know that feeling







Where you agree with somebodys radically unorthodox opinion on a subject, and so expect them to be in the cluster of “smart people who think things through”

And then on a different subject, they’re not just wrong but completely, entirely, intothetrashitgoes wrong?

So now you wonder – are they always wrong? Are they wrong when they agree with me? Am I wrong? How deep does this even go?

And at that point, the only way to get any work done is to take comfort in your own innate superiorityaccept that maybe one person can be wrong on some things and right on others so you don’t have to agree with them about it all.

In this case, it is somebody who is correct on city planning but almost maliciously wrong on economics.

EDIT: And not in a “communism did nothing wrong” kind of way, and not in a “capitalism did nothing wrong” kind of way – no, it is somebody who either does not understand the diminishing utility of money or is totally cool with just shivving the underclass straight in the kidneys – “let’s replace all state taxes with sales taxes” whta? wath? whaat? whaaat?

Normally those plans come with a refundable credit or similar scheme.  Did the plan not even include that?

(I mean, I have problems with the idea in general, but I see loads of hot takes on how it could be done progressively.)

Not a word. Yeah you could do something progressive with sales tax e.g. UBI + sales tax, but that wasn’t it.

That is an impressive level of upfuckedness. I sympathize very strongly with the idea that taxes should be simple and gathered from a small number of extremely broad sources so I kind of get where “sales tax for everything” would come from but without UBI it’s just cartoonishly evil.

Also, everyone worth listening to obviously knows that LVT is the one tax to rule them all. (And carbon tax, but that counts more as “your actions are causing harm to others, pay up” instead of a source of income.)

Back when I had no property, I used to be super against property taxes for what I felt were really good reasons.

Now that I have property, you’d think I’d be even more against them but now I am for property taxes for what I feel are really good reasons.

Cannot tell if Masochist or just learned economics late.

This thread is baffling me, since most all the poor people I’ve known consider sales taxes to be significantly preferable to income taxes.

I’m not sure if Washington is unusual in this, but sales taxes don’t apply to food, rent, utilities, etc. – the basics of life are tax-free. Thus, sales tax is automatically progressive: the poor people who spend 95% of their money on the basics, avoid 95% of taxes. The rich people who spend very little on those things, pay significantly more in taxes.

Washington is not uniquely unusual, but it is unusual.

The reason sales tax is not just not-progressive but actively regressive is that it applies to the things poor people buy (Goods, utilities) and not the things rich people buy (stocks, pensions).

If you somehow finangle a tax code so that sales tax applies to rich people purchases instead of poor people purchases, yeah, that could solve some of it but that’s not how it’s normally done.

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