So like, where is rationalist adjacent tumblr going after tumblr ends??

tbh i expect that it’s just going to kind of dissolve, or at least fracture

wordpress isn’t good for the kind of community we have, diaspora* kinda sucks, there’s several groups trying to make tumblr-like platforms but i don’t know if any of them are going to be any good or if people will be able to coordinate on one ( kinda sucks too, frinstance)

tumblr is also good at like…  attracting new people who would fit the community, in a way that i don’t think other platforms would be.  and it optionally provides streams of content that aren’t related to the LWsphere, which is probably important too.

Ouch. And I was only just learning the art of knowing people on here. Where else am I going to talk to more intellegent autistic poly nerds? Hopefully at least some relationships survive.

Hmm. If they want to shut it down, maybe they will entertain an offer.

Wait, what’s getting shut down how?

*bangs fists on table*


#lesswrong and #rattumb are already things.  you can go poke at them if you want.

While I don’t think tumblr will get shut down soon, every single thing we could use I could think of:
Wordpress/some other similar blogging platform; too much of an Actual Blog thing
Diaspora; apparently terrible?
LessWrong itself; very Craft, we’re very Community. Also, based on the survey, there seem(?) to be some plans to revive it in some manner probably inconsistent with all of ratt descending on it. Also also, a ghost town at this point.
IRC channel(s); not enough of an Actual Blog thing?
Slack(s); need a specific invite, also not really an Actual Blog thing although that could theoretically simulated with personal channels, eats the archives
Twitter; character limit. We will all die of frustration in five seconds.
Reddit; someone ( @thathopeyetlives?) suggested individual subreddits for each person. This doesn’t sound workable but I don’t really know Reddit, so don’t take my word for it.
Everyone moves to the Bay Area; everyone is basically already there. Zero problems with this one, I propose a migration.

(Some of these I don’t know very well, I’m just going off what other people have said.)

i’m gonna make a thing at some point, when tumblr dies yall can migrate to my thing

#rattumb suffers from the fact that you can get banned from #rattumb. On glorious tumblr, I just don’t follow people I don’t want to read.

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