Where can we find your source code, and if the answer is “nowhere”, then why do you call yourself FOSS?

Strong traditional scandinavian name



Means “river,” except not like e.g.

Mississippi is a river, slow and meandering. Instead, a raging torrent through the mountains – this is Kjosfossen (The Kjos River) in Norway:


So that’s what “FOSS” is.

I have a joke on shieldfoss.tumblr.com:

My social media strategy did not include a Tumblr slide yet here we are.

Except that’s not really a joke, I did sit down and think through a social media strategy and part of it was the user name. I wrote down several traditionally scandinavian/viking things and combined them. For those names that sounded good I checked if @name was available on twitter and whether name.com was an available domain. If I liked it and I could get the domain and I could get the twitter, it went on a short-list. Shieldfoss won out – I had others I liked slightly more but either the domain or the twitter handle was already in use.

Some other contenders:

To think! I could have been @argumate‘s @ShieldMate if shieldmate.com had been available but alas – it was taken by domain squatters.

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