reminder: when this hellsite finally dies, we regroup at #netcult

rosetintedkaleidoscope: that site doesn’t work for me

ah, yeah, i should’ve explained that #netcult is not a site. it’s an irc channel. irc is sort of the internet-precambrian version of group chats on twitter/skype/etc. 

an irc channel is preceded by a pound sign. this is not a hashtag, but it’s where hashtags come from. (really.) for example, #netcult.

however, you can’t find a channel by just its name. each channel exists on a network [e.g. rizon, which lives at] – a network is a group of servers, and it almost always has a domain name that starts with ‘irc.’. rizon’s website lives at 

to join an irc channel, you need a client. there’s a web client here, but desktop clients are better if you’re going to use irc much. i use irssi, but that’s textmode. you probably want a graphical client. i think the standard one to recommend is xchat, unless you’re on a mac.

What’s suddenly wrong w/ mIRC?

EDIT: Also wouldn’t HexChat be superior to XChat, what with it still being supported?

This is the second time in as many days I’ve seen someone who just has no idea what IRC is or how it works.

Face it: We old people now -_-

But slightly more real talk: I never got into IRC culture. I know that it is, like, a ~thing~ but I never saw the appeal. Like, intellectually I get why you might want that kind of community and how you can just keep it running while you’re doing other things but my formative internet experience was w/ phpbb so I never got in the habit of keeping a client running.

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