reminder: when this hellsite finally dies, we regroup at #netcult

rosetintedkaleidoscope: that site doesn’t work for me

ah, yeah, i should’ve explained that #netcult is not a site. it’s an irc channel. irc is sort of the internet-precambrian version of group chats on twitter/skype/etc. 

an irc channel is preceded by a pound sign. this is not a hashtag, but it’s where hashtags come from. (really.) for example, #netcult.

however, you can’t find a channel by just its name. each channel exists on a network [e.g. rizon, which lives at] – a network is a group of servers, and it almost always has a domain name that starts with ‘irc.’. rizon’s website lives at 

to join an irc channel, you need a client. there’s a web client here, but desktop clients are better if you’re going to use irc much. i use irssi, but that’s textmode. you probably want a graphical client. i think the standard one to recommend is xchat, unless you’re on a mac.

What’s suddenly wrong w/ mIRC?

EDIT: Also wouldn’t HexChat be superior to XChat, what with it still being supported?

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