“Gender is a spectrum”

“No, gender is just a dense subset of a spectrum.”

“The uncountabilists say that almost all genders are irrational. Well, I don’t think anyone’s gender is irrational.”

“Except I kind of feel like my gender is irrational? And when I’m around countabilists, I can describe my identity approximately but I can never be completely honest about my real gender.”

“At least you have a real gender. Try getting people to take you seriously when your gender is imaginary.”

“Come on, this is taking things too far. Imaginary genders aren’t real, I don’t know how many times I need to say that.”

“Guys, this whole real genders vs. imaginary genders fight is just silly. Gender –everyone’s gender– is complex: It has both real and imaginary components.”

I think “Imaginary” is good for at least moderately sinusoid genderfluidity though, which can only be adequately mapped on the complex plane.

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