*girl is born* time to start preparing her for marriage

*boy turns 30* i know you are still a child but just pretend to get your life enough bit together so that other parents can give you their daughter she can take it from there you can go back being a baby nbd

This post has over 3000 notes and not a single guy added his shitty comment ??

Probably waiting for his wife to type it for him….

You know disabled men exist, right? Just a thought? And that- shocker- sometimes people want to marry disabled men? And maybe, just maybe, the people who want to marry disabled men might know what they’re getting into, and are willing to take care of them regardless of their issues?

Also, people… don’t prepare men for marriage? The whole workaholic guy stereotype… doesn’t come from the idea of Man As Provider?

I could start my pension today if I wasn’t busy earning money to have a comfortable life w/ wife and kids. I’ve been preparing for marriage my entire life.

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