Okay but seriously why does this keep happening

Do you know what this post is? It’s a commentless reblog of a popular audio post that I reblogged four years ago.

I mean, the post itself is great, but there’s nothing special about my reblog of it. There are no funny tags on it or anything. Absolutely nothing about this post to stand out

And yet for some reason over the past four years I‘ve just had this consistent background trickle of notifications about people reblogging this post from me

Like, I don’t understand this. Am I the last post in a reblog chain before an obnoxious comment? Is this a weird glitch with Tumblr’s notifications? Are people just trawling my audio post tag for some reason (and if so, why? I don’t have a single popular original audio post.) 

Why does this one ancient reblog keep getting reblogged from me?

If you see the long reblog chain but want to reblog ONLY the OP, well, OP’s post is no longer available so your post is the topmost post that can be reblogged.

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