#i bet she used to think she was above it too

WHY WOULD YOU POINT THAT OUT. but no like at first she looks up like “goddamn these naive idealistic youths” but then her gaze drops for a moment like “yea we’ve all thought that at one point. but thats not how the world works” and she looks back to the dag and eventually gives her the seeds like “i hope you’ll be able to stay above it”

#your stupid revhead car film with scenes between women talking about themselves  #where one of those is an old woman  #who’s not necessarily blandly sweet nurturing  #and not necessarily wickedly crone-like  #but is a completely valid combination of both  #yes I am a loving and nurturing figure  #yes I also am a horrifying murderous crone  #behold they are come together in one person  #as is the way with most people  #wandering in search of our Better Selves

This movie replaced The Intouchables as my favorite move ever.

EDIT: If you’ve never seen The Intouchables, don’t read the plot summary, watch it.

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