Unpopular opinion meme: it would be better if everyone was infertile by default and had to make themselves fertile on purpose.





This would be very aesthetically pleasing, but I feel like collapsing society and possibly wiping out the human race count as “downsides”.

The fact that you thought of a world where having children was always consensual and immediately imagined the end of the human race has at least one of of several bad implications.

You already know what the bad implication is. There’s no point in darkly hinting at it. 

Western society is below replacement rates as it is at current levels of technology, and the third world appears to be catching up just as soon as they get access to it. Either someone will invent a solution soon enough to let us limp to Singularity, or the Singularity will hit soon enough that we manage or we’re all going to die. These options are not mutually exclusive.

Pretending reality doesn’t exist because it’s aesthetically displeasing is idiotic.

– I’m not sure why “sub-replacement” has to mean “civilizational collapse.”

– I’m not sure why your mind jumped right past “child tax credits” to “civilizational collapse.”

– If everyone is deciding not to have children once they have the choice, that may imply that anti natalism is more justified than we thought.

– If society will collapse without unplanned pregnancy, it implies that the system has an incentive to cause it no matter how much suffering it imposes on both the parents and the children.

– “We’re all going to die” is very different from and much scarier than “we’re all going to not reproduce.”


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This would be much better, I don’t really even have anything to add because I don’t see any downsides

– “We’re all going to die” is very different from and much scarier than “we’re all going to not reproduce.”

And is going to happen anyway even if we do reproduce.

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