Female Gaze v. Male gaze. Photo 1 is by a female photojournalist, photo 2 is by a male photojournalist. Same match.

This makes me hate men so much


someone stop men

Maybe he was trying to take a picture of the woman with her hands on her knees. If he was trying to take a picture of her ass it would be a lot clearer.

He’s a pretty bad photography if he wanted her butt.

The second picture shows off more aggression to me, it sort of resembles like the pokemon battles. And so what if her ass is in it. This juts in, men fucking like women. I bet if you did the same with two half naked dudes and a man and a woman, you’d get the reverse.

I like how the above comments are about stopping MEN, like lesbians are incapable of being objectifying and fucking creepy

That’s not even the full photo though. Check it out.

The shot is focused, literally, and centered, on the woman with her hands on her knees.

>Women in bikinis appear in photos of a sporting even where they competed.
>zomg men are terrible.

SJWs ignore and remove context for ‘baiting purposes. Take a shot.

I’m in favor of the male gaze, if the original cropped version of the picture is what that means. I don’t want to support any movement that seeks to make such photos stigmatized, and I don’t take seriously the claims of women who say that they are harmed by a male photojournalist taking the second picture.

The really crazy bit isn’t even the dishonest reporting – I expect that from the internet these days. It’s the fact that male photographers don’t have male gaze, photographs can have male gaze – whether they’re shot by males or females – and that second photograph clearly does not but People On The Internet don’t know what “male gaze” means so they pull it out as a fully general accusation.

I’m sure there’s reliably good gender discourse somewhere on the internet, but I don’t know where.

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