May 31 2016 – Collin Kennedy, who is a cancer patient, used expanding spray foam to disable a parking meter at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg where he gets his treatment. He says the fees are a tax on the sick.

“I want free parking here so that, whenever I show up, all the spaces will be taken and I’ll have to park elsewhere and walk.”

consider: the concept of “parking for residents of hospital ONLY”

That would help, but now you’re running into issues of administering that, and you’ll still lose parking to e.g. visitors who could easily take public transport but would rather park now that it’s free.

Parking shouldn’t be a money making machine, but if you want to avoid inefficiencies, it should be priced.

(Also if you have like an hour there’s an interesting youtube video, “the high cost of free parking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmw70EnmHnM )

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