Unpopular onion: it wasn’t actually that mistaken to say Pepe is a white nationalist symbol. The people who interact with pepe as a meme most are fascists on 4chan. They’ve adopted him as their icon.

That onion isn’t just unpopular, it is also eaten w/ the skin unpeeled.

People who interact w/ pepe as a meme most are the people of 4chan. Aka the homosexuals, the autistic, the oppressed minorities in general. I have had kinder, more well-informed, more useful discussions of minority sexuality and gender expressions on 4chan than I have had anywhere else on the net.

Are there fasicsts on 4chan? Absolutely. Complete tossers on every board. But this idea that 4chan in general contaminates everything with fascism – when the percentage fascists is lower than on the Board of Directors at Harvard – is a nonsense idea.

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