I like things that look pretty and I’m not sure why I should care how much effort the artist put into it. it’s not like I go to art museums to assess the virtue of artists

I think there’s a sort of Malthusianism-esque argument here? If the artist didn’t put substantial effort into it, then we generally shouldn’t expect it to be prettier than the various things we can see without going to art museums.

empirically, I find the stuff available at art museums prettier than the stuff available at not art museums. it tends to be larger and have more visually interesting arrangements of lines.

Or: The artist doesn’t necessarily have to put effort into it if the curation team does – five just-above-average pieces that all go well together, tastefully arranged, can be a more interesting experience than five good pieces hung separately, or hung together in a fashion that clashes. E.g. the Turku Ars Nova that I visited w/ @socialjusticemunchkin had a number of pieces that I did not appreciate – I am not wildly into modern art in general – but the overall experience was great.

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