@argumate and I are famous in Denmark.

anonym-kollaboratør will be my next blog handle.

How small is Denmark?

Small enough that when some rando Dane is mentioned, I go …”wait do I know that guy? Let’s check facebook.”

(Also he’s from the same city @ilzolende lived in while in DK) 

Cool. (Also, I only know less than 50% of the words here and yet it is somewhat parseable, yay context.)

The people [around here?] who are interested in political discourse from a perspective of and focus on the abstract theoretical “big picture” and on statistical number-fucking [sic, although this expression is way more beautiful in the original language; somewhat comparable to the way I had used “bitfucking” regarding programming languages] should follow the website Veracities Online.

The leader of the project David Severa and an anonymous collaborator have collected [various?] philosophical and sociological arguments for and against controversial political [questions/issues/propositions] such as designer babies and open borders, presented alongside a huge amount of all the statistics they can find concerning Donald Trump’s campaign regarding both his competitors in the presidential elections and previous republican frontmen.

You’re welcome; it’s a bit clumsy because I just translated it extremely directly instead of phrasing it for proper English syntax.

I don’t even speak Danish specifically; I just speak European in general.

is tal-knusning like
pilkunnussija? i see the obvious shared etymology

I’m going to be extremely surprised if it’s not.

Prepare to be surprised then, because no. It just means “number-crunching.”

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