The main characters of Pixars next movie 😀

ohmygosh he is helping the little owl cross the stream in the first one!

“You will get wet otherwise

Here I help

I am good doge”

This is like a Disney movie.

They need an animated film made about the two of them going on an adventure 😀

I really want to know the story behind these photos, like are they someone’s pets? Are they wild? Are they best friends that stare deep into each other’s soulful eyes?! I’ve got to know!!

How did this unlikely animal friendship begin? 😀

Apparently they are known as Ingo and Poldi. Poldi hatched several days after his clutchmates, and was picked on for being small. Ingo was from a family of police dogs, and ended up looking after the owlet. They are both pets of the photographer.

“They respect each other and they can read each other.”

I cried

I’ve never had an owl actually serve me coffee ;_;

EDIT Alternative answer:

Don’t cry little bird you can serve me coffee ^_^

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