so @areistotle and I went to this really cool event for languages and it was the coolest thing ever!! they gave us a shirt with hello’s in different languages on the front, and goodbye’s on the back! They also gave us a cute bag and this amazing poster with quotes and sayings in different languages

also if you guys know any of the languages on the poster, can you reblog with a translation of them? It’d be so nice of you

the Spanish one says “The word is not an etymology but a miracle”

Italian: grammar is the soul of a language and the words are its body
French: language is a theatre where the words are the actors
Portuguese: you can see the sea from my language

german: he who learns a foreign language tips his hat to another nation

Latvian: “The less one speaks, the more they are heard.”

Czech: ‘Every

unnecessary word is unnecessary.’

Slovene: “You grab an ox by its horns and a person by their word.”

hungarian: the good sentence is lively like the creation itself.

Finnish: “A language of one’s own is a unique life companion.”

Swedish literal: 

“The borders of my Language are the borders of my world.”

Swedish connotation: 

“The limits of my Language are the limits of my world.”

Danish literal: “In the vast linguistic depths swim the large thought-codfish.”

Danish connotation: “In the vast linguistic depths swim the large mistakes.”

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