Are Chechens white? Find out on our next episode of Dateline NBC! We will be doing intensive studies on their skulls, as well as quantitative measures on their culture and religious traditions. We will finally solve the mystery of Dzokhar the Boston Bomber — was he a marginalized PoC vilified by society or a off-kilter white boy given too much sympathy by the media?

We will be doing similar studies on Georgians, Armenians, Greeks, Levantine Arabs, Albanians, Turks, Tartars, and Kurds in upcoming episodes.

Learn more about the Muslims jammed in between Eastern Europe and Middle East in both the Balkans and Caucasus! The lost continents between two worlds: East and West!

Learn more about the hidden ancient white tribes of Central and South Asia!

Buy our book on how you (yes you!) can learn five easy ways of determining how all these groups and more have white privilege. Is it full on white privilege or is it light skin and passing privilege? How does genocide, imperialism, and poverty factor in? You’ll learn all about it here in our book so you can make an accurate, empirical assessment for just $99.99. Call now toll free at 1-800-LICKMYTAINT

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