This seems like it would be better solved with auto-transcription software or the like.

I know this is Old Discourse by now but: If We, the People, feel like this is a thing that should happen, We, the People, should pay for it.

The worst kind of budgeting is the kind that is made like this: “This is a problem, where’s the nearest rich institution we can force to deal with it?” because rich institutions become that way by being good at not spending the money they make.

  • People cannot live on $x an hour, let us force companies to pay people at least $x+y an hour.
  • Oh look, now companies are replacing people with automation
  • Poor people cannot afford houses, let us force banks to loan them money
  • Oh look, now banks are doing all kinds of manipulation to make bad loans look good
  • It is too difficult to find parking in the city, let us force all new developments to have space for at least two cars per dwelling
  • Oh look, now all new developments are hellholes because costs need to be cut elsewhere (A marginal parking space costs $20,000. Yes really.)

It doesn’t work. It never works. People think “If people do X, force them to do Y also” and believe this means they’ll get more Y for free. No, you’ll get less X, and the X you get will be more expensive because it also has to pay for Y.

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