“At the core of capitalism there is not only the symbiotic relation between waged-contractual labor and enslavement but, together with it, the dialectics of accumulation and destruction of labor-power, for which women have paid the highest cost, with their bodies, their work, their lives.”

Silvia Federici | Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation (2004)

The US is the only industrialized country that does not have paid maternity leave. This is not normal.

IKR, all those businesses being forced to pay women who choose to leave the workforce. It isn’t normal.

IKR all those pregnant people being forced to choose between their job/career and their desire to have children because no one respects pregnant people or cares about their health or wellbeing.

Pregnancy is an extremely stressful ordeal and it can take more than 6 months to fully heal. In order to keep their jobs, many, many people are forced to go back to work with severe injuries (internal bleeding, cervical tears, bruising) and are expected to suck it up or lose their only source of income for them and their newborn child. The majority of people on welfare in the US are 1. children and 2. single moms. The discrimination and disrespect this country shows towards pregnant people is directly responsible for their living in poverty. Cis men will never experience this dilemma, so they will never acknowledge just how much pain and stress pregnant people suffer.

You don’t want the businesses to suffer, but who suffers in their place? The poor and the powerless that they exploit. Pregnant people suffer because those businesses choose to drop their employee as soon as they are no longer useful. Pregnant people are not “leaving” the workforce, they are on maternity leave, which means that they want their jobs back after they are healed. Every other industrialized country has managed to grant paid maternity leave without their economy falling into pitiful shambles, so I really, really, really doubt that this issue would actually hurt businesses.

You know how we are having kind of a crisis here because not enough children are born? Guess what happens when women can’t afford to have children if they want a career or even just to support themselves and they know they won’t have any social support to raise a child… 

And if you wanna care about businesses so much well guess how well businesses thrive when you don’t have young people who can work and consume goods…

If we make all employers pay for maternity or parental leave, then they’ll try to hire fewer prospective mothers/parents. And enforcing anti-discrimination laws is hard.

“Once you’ve given birth, the law should make sure that you‘re supported!”


“Though only if you have an employer we can force to do it of course, we don’t want this law to help any poor unemployed people or pay more in taxes to fund this.”

u wat m8?

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