Guys. Guys omg. A two-sided rolling die and a one-sided Mobius die. Isn’t human ingenuity beautiful? 

Um… It’s cool but… Why do you need a d1? O_o

It’s a d2, not a d1. I mean, you could use a d6 or something, but traditionally one uses a coin to flip for a y/n type thing, but coin flipping is like a 10 in normal person doability, so a lot of people who are clumsier or disabled would find a d2 to be more handy than using a coin.

Heck, I’d buy one.

The second one is a Möbius strip. Therefore, a d1.

It’s actually marked 1 and 1, if you look closely.

Ah, dang.


But would it be marked 2 and 2 if seen from the other side? It might well be a D2 with a funny shape!

(That is, it might have 1 side marked 1,2,1,2, and then you either see only 1,1 or 2,2 depending on how it lands)

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