also a lot of this stuff makes me feel like the only acceptable femininity in MAAB people is being a trans woman

Like, a man in a dress is making a transphobic joke, and a drag queen is appropriating from trans women and caricaturing womanhood… Etc etc. But what’s left? How does someone get to be MAAB and feminine and have a male gender identity without having to prove he’s not doing something nefarious?

It just seems really regressive to me, like you have to be a woman to be feminine now. Weren’t we challenging that assumption a while ago?

I get the vibe that butch women are in some ways more okay to some people – not seen as a demeaning caricature of trans men, at least – but there’s still this sense that masculinity makes you a man, that you MUST be trans.

And, well… I don’t know. I’m not entirely sure how my sense of my own gender and my sense of expression intertwine or come apart. And I have some dysphoria. So I may well be “trans,” including already by some definitions. I’m okay with the idea I don’t quite fit, and it’s not always obvious who’s trans and who’s cis.

But I don’t like this weird sense I’m getting that particular gender expressions must indicate transness to make sense, or are only okay if they’re a part of a trans journey.

A lot of GNC people question their gender, but end up not transitioning. And a goodly number of us end up gay.

So this sense that nonstandard gender expression is a mockery unless it indicates transness just seems so, so much like shooting ourselves in the foot in an attempt to be intensely progressive.

GNC men are evil. This is known. The only way to get out of that game is to declare that you are not, in fact, a man.

In other news: Let the old order be purged with fire.

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