people who understand the physics of skiing please learn me a thing:

say you’re skiing downhill and you’ve picked up a fair bit of speed and then you reach the bottom of the slope where it’s dead flat.

if you continue in a straight line you will eventually stop due to friction.

can you turn 90 degrees or more on flat ground without coming to a stop?

if so, how does this work, given that the only forces acting on you are friction??

1) Yes you can

2) More forces than friction are acting on you.

To turn, you put your weight on the ski that will be on the outside of the desired turn, and angle it so the inside edge bites into the snow. The Normal force on that ski is now in the direction you want to go. Once you’ve turned even a little bit, the Normal force is now partially pointing up the Mountain. With sufficient leg strength (or at low enough speed) you can turn 180 degrees and start going upwards again.

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