people who understand the physics of skiing please learn me a thing:

say you’re skiing downhill and you’ve picked up a fair bit of speed and then you reach the bottom of the slope where it’s dead flat.

if you continue in a straight line you will eventually stop due to friction.

can you turn 90 degrees or more on flat ground without coming to a stop?

if so, how does this work, given that the only forces acting on you are friction??

Yup! Snow is not a fixed surface, and the tips of skis are bent up a bit, so when you lean, one side of your skis digs in to the snow and creates a sloped surface for you to push against and generate lateral force. You slow down, but do not stop- in fact friction is your enemy here, because now you have a normal force pushing you sideways. If instead the slope deposited you on a frozen hard surface like a lake, then you wouldn’t be able to turn without stopping.

oh craaaaap the normal of the slope can change because snow is not hard and the skis can dig into it, whyyyyyy

oh no are yo utryinto make real phusics skeeing pleas no stop

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