Because if you don’t have your solar cells right there, you can’t show off your building/company/house as being “green”, duh

Yeah you’re probably right – a “form over function” thing where it’s not important to be sustainable, you must look sustainable.

So we need the electric company to not only offer to let you pay $.03 more per kWh to run your house on wind energy, we need them to offer to send you a sign to put in your front yard that says “This household paid $X last month to save the planet! (Learn more at”

No, no, that doesn’t work, that’s bragging. People can’t help that everyone can see their solar cells, that’s different.

We need the electric company to require you to post a notice alerting people that your house is being run on wind energy.

Or the other way around – conspicuously not have the Coal Burner house sign, required by all people who get their electricity from coal.

I think we’re on to something, we should start using the government to hurt people who don’t put up a Coal Burner sign, that’s an excellent use of resources. 

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