This is brilliant and should be brought to schools everywhere (x)

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Good to see Baltimore on here for something good for once. 

This needs to be in schools EVERYWHERE!!! I can’t tell you how many sententious and suspensions are given to children of color which does absolutely nothing but makes the situation worse. This is a great alternative!

This is so beautiful.  I don’t know if it’s even the meditation that helps specifically, but the reframing from punishment to healing.  That instead of “you’re bad, now we’ll be bad to you,” children can hear “you’re having trouble, now we’ll help you deal with it.”

This would be absolutely horrible for me. I hate meditation. It feels like forced emotional intimacy and makes me panic. And people telling me how to breathe can get triggering really fast.

I think *access* to mindfulness and meditation is really valuable and important — and that making meditation a normative expectation is a really, really bad idea.

Thank you for this. I feel the same way, and this post makes me vaguely claustrophobic every time it crosses my dash. 

Meditation can be secular, but for many, many people, it’s explicitly spiritual/religious. I am one such person, and being forced to meditate in school would feel incredibly violating to me. 

I am very much in favor, though, of some kind of generalized “relaxation room” that kids can escape to to decompress. 

It (probably) also suffers from the issue where every novel school intervention looks good until you try it in other schools:

It looks good because the only people who create novel interventions are smart, driven people who want to do good. This means they could probably succeed with any intervention because the Active Ingredient is not in the specifics of the new intervention, the important part is that there is a motivated teacher trying hard to make the kids succeed.

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