So uhm

Liberals lied and even liberal snopes can’t cover for them?

To the person who was sending me an ask about this, here’s some information.

The people spreading these lies are more interested in fearmongering as a tool to convince people to commit violence and riot on their behalf, rather than coming to any kind of mutual understanding or opening some kind of avenue of discussion.

And if people want to change their sexual orientation on their own if they can, why shouldn’t they be allowed to? Why should that be illegal?

The apa has extensive ethics documents explaining why it is unethical to try to change sexual orientation. That’s why.

Voluntary change of sexual orientation is unethical and should be forbidden. Voluntary change of sex is a right and should be encouraged. Am I missing out on something?

If you strike “forbidden” and just say “unethical,” then yeah, that’s about right.

Completely unironically right.

The main difference is that:

  • In the group of people who seek gender reassignment surgery, the suicide rate goes down with surgery..
  • In the group of people seeking sexuality therapy, the rate of suicide goes up.

That means one of those is a helpful medical intervention and the other is vicious quackery.

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