OTOH, you are aware that patronizing, “oh the poor thing” White Savior complex/upper class people performative/masturbatory charity is a thing? A thing that Less Wrong occasionally flirts with pattern matching to?

well I personally haven’t purchased any mosquito nets, making me either a terrible heartless person or the only non-racist for miles around.

I mean, the whole point of institutions like GiveWell is to avoid performative charity and focus on quantifiable outcomes with best value per dollar donated.

When it comes to patronizing I think that telling people who explicitly say that charitable actions count louder than words that maybe they are only saying that as a performance is well, pretty damn patronizing?

Like if a bunch of people are talking about how economic disruption is a tough problem to solve and you snidely interject that really they’re just trying to engineer an underclass they can lord it over, well I don’t want to say fuck you but it’s hard to find any other way to end that sentence, you know?

Also, if you’re donating $1000 to give-direct for signalling purposes, that’s still better than donating $0.

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